Workshop and ideation @Creative Incubator, Rome 2018 by DALIA POLEAC


Those who know me know I am a traveler of the world, mixing all types of experiences and knowledge in order to predict and feel the upcoming wave. I am a long life learner craving for real information and quality people to work with. With this being said, in March 2018 I had an amazing opportunity to join the masters of advertising for a 3-day intensive workshops and ideation processes.

Long story short, a selected team of creatives joined the Pi Basecamp in Rome ,1-3 March, to get some insights of what’s new in terms of organizational design, creative consultancy, blockchain technology and so on, with the main focus to create, innovate and incubate ideas that will drive the future of advertising agencies and the creative industries.

I entered the experience as an outsider, a disruptor since I was the only one working in a different industry: fashion. But advertising and fashion have something in common: design. "Design" was discussed a lot during our days in Rome, and we approached new and daring models of designing: from product to experience to social design. We also discussed incremental, new market and disruptive innovation, the concept of the creative technologist, the process of pretotyping and the case of creative organizations trying to make sense of chaos and change.

In the end, my goal was to learn as much as I could and find a way to apply this knowledge and information to my business model:

and so I did.


Who is this trend forecaster and what does he/she do? by DALIA POLEAC

 Desk Analysis

Desk Analysis

The point in time or space at which something originated:

  • When you think of the life cycle of a product you bought, the first thing that pops into your mind is that its life started when purchased.  This is the buyer`s, user`s and the consumer`s perspective.
  • When producers think of the same product's lifecycle they believe it started when they received the raw material and started producing the final piece.
  • When designers think of the product they have the idea that it emerges from vision, concept, aesthetics, etc.
  • When a trend forecaster thinks of the same product, they believe its life originated in the social movements, lifestyle choices, generations arising, genius loci, and this is our land where we plant the seeds which become your wardrobe.