May you live in interesting times / by DALIA POLEAC

Venezia Bienalle 🔌tech 📦art 🧮social design ▶️🔜🔜🔜🔊 
I feel like this time it was more about Art to the People. It was not as intense as two years ago but it was definitely interesting —— more commercial I would say, more about design and in collaboration with art, creative and intriguing —— more practical and, of course, with technology insertion 📦—— just a little bit to test 😊 lovely the gameplay, VR interaction and my favorite one on one-skipe video chat 💭 Art is more and more in the present moment —— moving with time and dissolving or metamorphosing —— tech brings to the public “the alchemist” —— rituals are important —— Africa definitely the new Fresh Culture-but you already know that so I will not insist 👏🏻🔝🔴