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extras from Denim Philosophy (custom research) 2018

“Hey, I am slightly addicted to Diesel and G Star jeans (was Miss Sixty in the past).
I like stretchy form fitting ones or I roll the bottoms and wear with cool studded belts if they are normal and not stretchy ones.
Love dark grey and black ones too.. Also like to be a rebel at work and wear them when I can conceal that they are actually jeans so my boss doesn’t notice.. :)”

reply from Dina, regarding my Denim research topic posted on the platform A.S.W

realness // macro trend 2018

[...] New communities should be designed, as the power of the group is becoming an important issue for the young generation. Their statement is: no bullshit is allowed!

  • From social interaction to self care and well being, consumers are more aware and informed.
  • Brands are asked to deconstruct, design collections inspired by the items that made the label famous in the past. No need for nostalgia, just an emotional grip to upcoming aesthetics.
  • World is a playground, a home for all, the rebellious and romantics combined, the real and virtual, a mix of contrasts in a world full of staff for which experience becomes a more important currency and life priority.

Charles Jeff in the documentary Hyper Normalization: “The fact that nothing is real anymore,my response to that is to go into full fantasy”.

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