As we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st century, design will need to solve real problems and as we fully embrace new technologies we will have to let go of outdated business models. I am a designer operating on a Global, European and local level, and I support businesses in their transition to a more sustainable approach on a social, economic and environmental level. My mindset and work methodology is 100% related to the use of space, trying to fit in and make a change wherever a brand finds a space for me to manifest. I am versatile, adaptable and fast. I am always looking for alternatives in my use of space in work and life, also in my art, where I recycle and sketch on top of an already printed support. I want to implement sustainability metrics in every sector I find a place #wherethereisspace: starting with fashion, the main industry I work with.

Sustainability Bulletin

Sustainability has become a necessity
rather than an option and brands
need to embrace it in a deep and
meaningful way.

Curated sustainability-focused brands, news and happenings for a responsible design practice:


GAP is tackling the water crises

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Eileen Fisher circular by design

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ecoBirdy upcycles old and unused plastic

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How to invest in innovation for social impact 

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Materials nature can handle

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CSR a more sophisticated requirement 

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Pentatonic's take on the potential of fashion waste

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